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LMPearl Enterprises - RAD Heavyweight RAD Dagger - Replica WW2 Knives
Heavyweight RAD German Officers Dagger Replica

Full sized replica of the German RAD officer dagger with scabbard and engraved blade. A quality reproduction with stainless steel blade and fittings.  It is a highly detailed  replica version of the actual RAD dagger.   This was the military dagger of officers in Hitler's  SS.

It measures 35cms in length. It features a cast metal eagle head pommel with coordinating  and German insignia guard.  Includes a detailed scabbard just like the originals.

This impressive piece makes a wonderful collectible display and conversation piece.

Nice heavyweight piece.


Our Price: £29.99


WW2 1939/40 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger
WW2 1939/40 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger

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