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Bowie Hunting Knives The bowie knife is sometimes thought of as the quintessential American knife, being useful for all sorts of outdoor tasks. In addition, their handsome appearance makes them favourites for collectors.
Outdoor Survival Knives Survival knives are intended for survival purposes in a wilderness environment, often in an emergency situation when the user has lost most of their main equipment. A survival knife is one of the best tools you can have.
Fixed Blade Knives Fixed blade knives do not fold or slide, and are typically stronger due to the tang and lack of moving parts. Perfect for nearly any use, they are carried by hunters, campers and anyone who needs a knife.
Pocket Lock Knives Pocket lock knives are offered in countless variations, which add to the mystique of collecting. We sell a nice selection of lock knives in all shapes, colours and sizes. Prices start from only £3.99.
Ninja Knives & Swords Although not a specialist martial arts website, we do stock some fantastic martial arts equipment, notably throwing knives and training swords. These throwing knives are great for practicing your throwing technique.
Replica Film Swords Swords from your favourite movies for the serious collectors. Everything from Maximus Decimus Meridius's sword from the hit movie Gladiator to Klingon Star Trek Batleths and LOTR swords. Quite a range!
Bushcraft Machetes Anyone who has endured Ray Mears wittering on about his worldly exploits on TV has surely witnessed the many uses of the ubiquitous machete. Clearly an essential part of anyone's outdoor kit.
New Knives & Swords New knives, swords and daggers are added weekly to the website. Bookmark us and keep an eye out for the latest additions. If there's an item not listed that you would like, please do not hesitate to email us.
Miscellaneous Items On the miscellaneous section of the website you will find all the merchandise that just doesn't fit anywhere else. Items such as sword stands, knife sharpeners, Roman helmets, battle axes, et cetera.
Famous Bowie Knives Hardly any other series of movies have generated so much excitement for large knives as the Rambo movies have done since they burst onto our screens in the 1980's. Find out what made them so popular.
Knife Information Page A page dedicated to explaining the intricacies of the various knives available in the UK. The different blades are suited to different tasks and buyers need to be very particular about the knives they choose.
Banned Knives List Recent legislation passed through Parliament hasn't exactly been well publicised. Knife law stretches from as far back as 1959, and most people's knowledge of current legislation is understandably poor.